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Whether you are a player or the event organiser, we can arrange the insurance you’ll require.

Comprehensive insurance for e-sports/gaming events companies

When putting your events together, there is a lot for you to think and worry about! Therefore, let us ease your mind as we can offer specialist insurance in place to protect your business. We have access to a range of insurance markets who can help us provide you with the specialist cover you require.

We specialize in being able to provide specialist Worldwide* insurance for your event, no matter how big! From small conferences to large international conventions and exhibitions, we can amend your insurance policy to meet your needs on an event by event basis or on an annual basis for the business that run multiple events.

At Performance, we take your event as serious as you do and want to ensure that you have the right cover in place for your event.  We can provide insurance for the organisers and/or players, which can include but is not limited to:

  • Property cover
  • Employee Liability Insurance
  • Public Liability insurance
  • Terrorism Cover
  • Active Shooter cover
  • Contingency Insurance

*please note that some countries may be excluded from the policy, but this will be confirmed to you in writing before inception.

Insurance for e-sports participants/gamers

If you are attending an Event either as a single gamer or as part of a team you’ll want to be protected from damage to your equipment, injury to yourselves or employees/team members and/or financial loss. We can provide specialist insurance cover, on the events you would attend.

As part of the above cover features, we provide Contingency Insurance, which includes:

  • Postponement
  • Abandonment/cancellation
  • Interruption & curtailment
  • Return of non-contractual fees or charges
  • Relocation
  • Non-appearance (>25% players)
  • Failure to vacate
  • Failure of video broadcasts & streaming
  • Requisition of venue(s)

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