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The games industry has shown great growth and development over the last 10 years and continues to be a great area of growth for the economy in the UK. Being at the forefront of exciting, interactive innovation can lead to games developers being exposed to areas of risk.

As a Games Developer, you are likely to have milestones within your contracts with a third party. Disputes as to whether these milestones have been met could potentially lead to a claim being brought against you for a breach of contract.

Games developers should consider insuring against breach of a written contract or legal action taken against you worldwide. Either of these areas could be potentially disastrous for a games developer and, given the rise in compensation culture, claims could be increasingly likely to occur.

At Performance, we work with a market leading, established Insurer who have provided Insurance to Gaming and App developers for a number of years. Having a real understanding of the intricacies involved helps us in assessing your potential exposures and allow us to advise you on the Insurance you need to consider.

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