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Own Technical Equipment Insurance will indemnify you for the repair and/or replacement for your own equipment that you have purchased, on a new or old basis. This will also cover any props, costumes, computers and/or mobiles phones.

Your equipment will be covered on an all-risk worldwide basis. This means that if your equipment happened to get lost, damaged or stolen abroad, this section would cover you for the damages, although the cover is subject to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advising this is okay to travel there. This information can be found out by logging on the website and checking your desired location for any travel advice here.

We also offer full cover for your equipment that is left in unattended vehicles. All we ask is for the equipment to be sealed from view and all the security devices within the vehicle are in operation.

In order for us to get a quotation for your own equipment all we would need to know is the combined full replacement value of your equipment (your sums insured). This needs to be as accurate as possible because, like most insurance policies, the sum insured would be subject to the average clause if you are deemed to be underinsured. This means that if the sum insured at the time of the loss is less than the value of the property, the amount that would be claimed for under the policy would be proportionally reduced. So it is imperative you have the right valuation for your kit.

Please note, your own equipment can only be insured on annual basis, unless it has been purchased in the last three months and specifically for the production.

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