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Film student insurance offers protection for students, directors and producers of student film productions to safeguard the Production. Each policy can be arranged to cover the needs of your specific project.

Why Choose Performance for Film Students Insurance

You may find that some insurers are wary of student productions. This is due to a perception that more is likely to go wrong as a result of your ‘inexperience’ when compared to ‘professional’ production companies. As a result, you might find that some insurers either decline to offer you cover at all or demand a higher premium or excess (the amount you pay in the event of a claim) in order to offset this risk.

At Performance, we take a different view. While we can’t offer student discounts, we don’t penalise you by increasing rates just because you’re a student. And when the time comes when you leave your teachers behind and forge your own career, you can be assured that Performance will continue to provide you with access to insurance advice, gathered from decades of developing strong relationships in the film and media industry.

What is Covered by a Film Students Insurance policy?

We can build a unique package for you to ensure that your creativity can run smoothly. Our products include (but are not limited to):

Choose your cover:

Short Period

Not every production takes months to make – but even when projects are short-term, they still need protecting. That’s why we offer cover on terms of 90 days or less.

Whether you’re making a music video, commercial, feature film or kit test, we provide the behind-the-scenes support you’ll need if something goes wrong.

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Our short-term cover isn’t big on price. Choose from a range of policy options from just £38.
Forgotten to tell us something? No problem. You can amend your policy after purchase.
Only choose the cover you need with our short period policies of 90 days or less.

We’ve even invented cover where we found gaps in the market, such as our pioneering post-production indemnity cover. Because we believe every production has the right to be made.

So whether you work in pre- or post-production, provide equipment hire or work as a freelancer, we can help you choose the right insurance cover for your specific needs.

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We understand every project is different, so we take the time to get to know your needs and adapt our cover to best suit you.
With access to a wide range of specialist media insurance companies across the market, we can always offer the cover you need.
After more than 25 years spent protecting the film and media industry, our team has the expertise to find the right solution for you.


What insurances do you need as a film student?

As a film student you will need to consider, Personal Liability Insurance, Equipment Insurance, Production Insurance and Errors and Omissions Insurance.

Does this insurance cover equipment taken offsite?

The coverage for equipment taken offsite will depend on the specific terms and conditions of the insurance policy you choose. Your performance contact can discuss the details of this with you when you are ready to arrange insurance for your project.

Can I get student discount on film insurance?

No, we don’t offer discounts to students directly. We have offered bespoke packages to film schools and university courses previously when we’ve been able to obtain detail of the course and the level of risk management support provided. Please ask your tutor to contact us directly to see if this is something we can facilitate for your course or school.

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