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Why do I need Production Insurance?

Whether it is a low budget production or a project with large investment backing, it is vital to have the right protection in place should the unexpected happen. Our production insurance policies are tailored to the production company’s needs at the time of purchase because, at Performance Film & Media, we know that no two projects are alike.

By working with experienced, market-leading insurers who specialise in TV and Film Production insurance, we ensure we can meet your deadlines and provide cover for a wide range of risks, including:

  • Cast
  • Negative, film, tape and digital media
  • Miscellaneous equipment and props, sets and wardrobe
  • Extra expense
  • Employers, public, and general liability
  • Third-party property damage
  • Production office contents
  • Money
  • Commercial vehicle physical damage

Film Production Insurance

Film Production insurance protects your project from financial loss up to a certain amount. Each insurance policy is unique, tailored to the needs of your production company at the time of purchase.

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While most Film Production insurance policies cover on-set injury and damage, depending on your shoot, specialised policies can usually be added on. For example, an insurance policy for a feature film shot underwater would be very different from one for a commercial shot on a used car lot.

Additional risks that can be included in a production insurance policy include:

  • Errors and Omissions
  • Personal Accident insurance
  • Terrorism
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Adverse weather
  • Death and disgrace
  • Non-appearance, cancellation and abandonment
  • Cyber risks insurance

TV Production Insurance

Similar to Film Production insurance, with a TV Production insurance policy you are covered for a multitude of situations that could occur on set. As an entertainment insurance broker, we understand the needs of production companies, whether they are looking for long-term cover for a feature project or short-term production insurance.

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A typical TV Production insurance policy includes but is not limited to:


What does production mean in insurance?

There will be different types of production and the meaning of that in insurance depends on the type of policy you are looking for. Under our Film and Media insurance policies, we mean the process of making a film, advert, corporate production, media, etc.

Do I need Production insurance?

In short, we would say yes. There are going to be some risks, such as Employers Liability insurance, which will be a legal requirement, and some which are recommended. But, overall, you will have risks involved in making productions which our insurance policy can cover to take some of the stress away.

Why is Production insurance important?

It is important as there are many different aspects to making even a really small piece of media and with that there comes the risks that something could go wrong. That is what insurance is there for – to provide cover should an insured event happen.

What insurance is available for TV and commercial film production companies?

There are various covers that are available to cover the whole production from Employers Liability, Public Liability, Equipment, all the way to Professional Indemnity insurance, Producers Indemnity and Multimedia Indemnity cover. We would work with you to make the right cover for your needs.

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