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Looking out for the next generation of filmmakers and the people that teach them!

We care about the future generation of filmmakers. That’s why we enjoy supporting leading Film Schools with specialist, friendly and impartial insurance advice for your students.

Our team is on hand to help organise annual cover for either the whole year group or your school itself. We can also arrange cover for your students individually to help ensure their projects are properly covered.

What’s more, we can help educate your students on the potential risks to watch out for in the film and media industry through free talks or lectures at your premises. Just get in touch to find out how we can help.

What is covered by Film School Insurance?

At Performance Film & Media, we understand that, even with the upmost care, accidents can happen. That is why we create bespoke insurance coverage that caters to each school’s specific needs. You can expect a typical policy to cover equipment insurance and protection for the students as well as general liabilities for the film school. Other protection you can be covered for includes:

Why choose Performance for Film School Insurance?

With over 20 years of working with Film Schools, production companies, studios and more; we have helped support, and grown ourselves, within the media and film industry.

We also run competitions throughout the year that are open to film schools and film students which offer up great publicity and prizes.

For more information on how we can support your film school, please contact a member of our team today!


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Do student films need insurance?

If the film is shot on location where members of the public could be affected then we advise that you do look to get some level of cover.

However, if shot on school property or directed under the supervision of the school then the school is liable and should have its own policies in place to provide protection.

How do I get insurance for a film shoot?

Companies like ourselves specialise in bespoke insurance policies for film and tv. Whether you need insurance for just a short period or looking for longer term coverage, speak to a member of our team today.

How much is insurance for a short film?

It will vary depending on the type of cover needed as we will cater for each students needs and whether you are looking for a short term insurance or more of an annual policy.

Do not worry though as we will offer you the best possible premium the first time round!

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