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Hired in Equipment (or Plant Hire) Insurance will indemnify you for the repair or replacement of equipment that is hired, leased to or borrowed by you.

This includes cover for accidental damage, fire and theft, including theft from an unattended vehicle, provided that the equipment is concealed out of site and all security devices are in operation. The cover will automatically operate on a worldwide basis (excluding anywhere the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel to).

When entering a Hire Agreement with an Equipment Hire Company or Kit House, they will make you responsible for the equipment from the date you pick the kit up until the date you return it to them. If you are borrowing equipment from a friend or colleague, we would also cover this as “Hired” equipment as it is not owned by you.

In addition to the value of the equipment, this section will also include cover for Continuing Hire Charges and Alternative Charges at a standard limit of up to £100,000 for each of these sections.

In order to provide an annual quotation we would need to know the total replacement value of the equipment together with your estimated annual hire fees. If you are looking for short-term cover then we would just need the replacement value of the equipment and the dates of the hire.

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