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Cyber Liability is often overlooked as a cover, but in the day of age where everything is being run by computers, the risk of a cyber-attack is increasing every day. As the film and media business is predominately computerised this puts the whole industry at risk.

If you or your business is targeted by a hacker and subsequently suffer a data breach, it will take money and potentially a large time frame to rectify this. As a result, your business might not be able to trade, leaving you with a potential loss of revenue. As the loss of revenue stems from a cyber-attack it will not be picked up by a typical business interruption policy. The attack would also leave you with regulatory fines and worst of all, a damaged reputation.

Cyber insurance is not in place to prevent a cyber-attack as this is not possible. Rather, it will help you deal with the aftermath and get your business up and running again in the quickest time possible. Although we can’t prevent the attack, the policy and underwriters can provide you with risk management features/tips which may help with the security of the business.

This policy is in place to help you deal with any data breaches, system damage, human errors, financial crime, fraud, property damage and business interruption. In order for us to be able to get you a quotation on this all you have to do is give us a call.

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