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At Performance, we understand the importance of the production process – and how easily it can be derailed. That’s why we offer dedicated production company insurance that covers you for the whole process, from pre-production to transmission, wherever you are in the world.

Our range of policies are designed to give you the best shot at completing your project should anything go wrong, while protecting your budget along the way. Whether you’re working in your studio or at any worldwide location* including the USA, we’ll make sure you’ve got the cover you need.

From cinematic productions to TV commercials and everything in between, we’ve got decades of experience in covering film and media productions. That’s why we offer insurance for the playout facilities and online broadcasters you’re using too, to help keep you ahead of schedule. And should you inadvertently feature someone’s intellectual property in your production, whether an idea or a song, we can organise Errors and Omission cover just in case.

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