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At Performance, we understand that your assets are your livelihood. It’s therefore crucial that your kit is properly covered, both in your care and out on hire.

We take pride in providing not only comprehensive Fraudulent Hire cover for the equipment you’ve hired out, but also a generous level of Continuing Hire cover to insure any items you cross-hire in from other media equipment companies.

Plus, we make it easy to take out cover at short notice – enabling you to take more bookings. For example, if someone turns up to rent equipment from you on a Saturday, when most insurance brokers are closed, you can direct them to our online 24/7 short period insurance system. Custom-built for the film and media sector, this system allows you to buy cover instantly online and automatically generates the relevant documents to give you complete peace of mind.

And we don’t stop looking out for you there. At Performance, we’ve also developed the UK’s first anti-fraud app specifically for equipment hire companies, allowing you to check your customers’ ID and insurance documents in real time. We’ve also introduced anti-spoofing technology to our documents, meaning you can be sure that our documents are what they say they are – right there in the app.

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