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Supporting the role of your studio

We know your studio is more than just a building. It could be the heart of the action – where you store expensive equipment, sets, props or content media like hard drives and tapes. Or it could be the space you use to hire out staging facilities, green screens or for rehearsals. Whichever type of studio you run, the risks will vary.

It’s our job to look out for you. That’s why we take the time to understand how you use your studio, so we can find exactly the right insurance for you.

With our experience in the media industry, we can work to tailor your policy to suit your precise needs – whether you’re running a large-scale film studio or an independent photography studio. And just so you know, we cover all types, including:

Film studios

Whether you have an animation studio, full service enterprise including post-production, a green screen/white room for shooting, or a facility you rent out to third parties, we can work with you to understand your risks.

From cover for your computers, camera equipment, wardrobe and props, to negatives, media and camera rigs, our studio insurance policies are here to keep you focused on the action.

Television studios

Television studios are a notoriously chaotic place with lots of cables, leads and different jobs all being carried out at once. Even with the utmost care and procedures in place, this can sometimes lead to accidents happening.

We can offer comprehensive TV studio insurance to protect you, your staff and your equipment at all times, so you can focus on the entertainment!

Music and recording studios

We know that music and recording studios can be lively and busy places, which is why our music studio insurance will cover for your accidental equipment damages, employee or visitor injuries and more.
From rehearsal studios to production and recording, our comprehensive music studio insurance will keep you and your business safe in the event of an accident.

Photography studios

With high-value cameras, lenses and lighting potentially lying around, there is always the chance of an accident around the corner. For example, you could be mid-shoot and the model or client steps back into a lighting stand, knocking it to the ground!

We can help with bespoke photography studio insurance to protect your equipment, liabilities and more.


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