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Whether you’re a player or an event organiser, we offer comprehensive cover that lets you enjoy e-sports safe in the knowledge you’re protected.

Competitive insurance for e-sports events

Putting together an e-sports event is never straightforward. From small conferences to international conventions, there’s a huge amount of detail to get right. And that’s where we can help.

At Performance, we specialise in providing worldwide* insurance for your e-sports event, no matter how big. We have access to a range of insurance markets so we can provide you with the cover you need. Plus, we can amend your policy on an event-by-event basis or provide you with continuous annual cover if your business runs multiple events throughout the year.

We take your e-sports as seriously as you do. That’s why we’ll work with you to find you the right cover – including, but not limited to:

  • Property cover
  • Employee liability insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Terrorism cover
  • Active shooter cover
  • Contingency insurance

Specialist cover for the players

If you’re attending an event as part of a team or as an individual gamer, it’s important to consider protecting yourself and your equipment. This is because any damage to your equipment or injury to you or one of your team could cost you a lot of money.

We offer specialist cover for e-sports gamers to protect the events you attend, with specific covers for players. This includes our contingency insurance which insures you against:

  • Postponement
  • Abandonment/cancellation
  • Interruption and curtailment
  • Return of non-contractual fees or charges
  • Relocation
  • Non-appearance (>25% players)
  • Failure to vacate
  • Failure of video broadcasts and streaming
  • Requisition of venue(s)

*Please note some country exclusions may apply. We will confirm any exclusions or restrictions in writing before your policy starts.

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