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Protect your film, crew, equipment, media, budget and more!

Whether you are preparing for a short-term production or a feature length film, Performance Film & Media can offer varied levels of film insurance cover to ensure that those involved, the equipment, media and budget are protected. Even the most experienced of cast and crew can make mistakes so it is vital that you have adequate cover in place in the event of an accident. From film production insurance, post-production and errors & omissions – we can ensure your interests are covered.


As a specialist film and media broker, the team at Performance Film and Media understand the industry and can work with you to create a bespoke film insurance package. With over 25 years of experience working with professionals in the industry, we have an unrivalled knowledge of the risks involved with filmmaking. Covering the world of feature films, television, advertising, short films and more, we work with a panel of leading insurers to ensure you are getting the most suitable cover that is available to you.

What do I get with a film insurance policy?

We can build a unique package for you to ensure that your production can run smoothly. Our products include (but are not limited to):

Own Technical Equipment

We can provide cover for media equipment owned by you, including cameras, laptops, mobile phones, lighting, props, costumes and more. In the event of a claim, you would be paid out for the repair or replacement of the equipment. This cover is on a ‘new for old’ basis.

Hired-in Equipment

This cover will protect any hired-in, borrowed or leased equipment while it is in your possession. We will issue a Verification of Insurance Certificate which can be sent to the relevant hire house as proof of cover.

Professional Indemnity insurance

Professional Indemnity insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions insurance, protects professionals and their businesses in the event of a claim being made by a client or third party for professional negligence or breach of contract, copyright infringement, breach of confidentiality, defamation or libel and loss of documents or data. Depending on what type of production you are involved in, it’s best to speak to a member of the team to make sure you are protecting your business with the correct policy.

Employers’ Liability insurance

Employers’ Liability insurance is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom if you engage the services of someone who will work under your supervision or control, including freelancers, self-employed people and volunteers. This cover will protect you against claims from employees for injury or illness sustained as a result of their work for you, for example, if they have an accident on set.

Public Liability

We can arrange Public Liability insurance operating on a worldwide basis, to cover you going out and filming on location. This cover will protect you against a claim for third party property damage, for example if you cause damage to a rented location, and third-party injury, such as if a member of the public trips over your filming equipment. The cover can also be extended to include stunt work, underwater exposure, pyrotechnics and more!

Producers Indemnity

Producers Indemnity protects your production budget from losses due to injury/illness/death of cast members or for delay or abandonment due to circumstances beyond your control, for example, a location that you will be shooting at is destroyed in the days leading up to the shoot, causing you delays and additional expense in finding alternative locations. You will be covered for the additional expenditure incurred to complete the production or in the case of abandonment, you will be compensated for the expenditure already incurred. This also covers the non-appearance of actors provided they are under contract.


Media insurance (sometimes known as “All Risks Negative”) covers actual shot media should it be lost/damaged at any stage throughout production. This cover will pay for the cost to recreate the lost/damaged footage or reimburse the amount spent should the project be abandoned.

Personal Accident

Cover for accidental bodily injury to insured persons, including lump sum payments on death, loss of sight and/or hearing, loss of limbs and weekly payments for both total and partial disablement. Many people fail to have contingencies in place should their personal income cease due to an accident. Personal Accident cover can relieve this burden for you and your nominated staff.

Business Travel

We can offer cover to include emergency medical expenses, transport delay/cancellation, loss of baggage and more. The cover is available on a Worldwide basis and can protect the company directors and employees (including freelancers) for travel overseas and in the United Kingdom (where an overnight stay is involved).


How much does annual film insurance cost?

As our policies are arranged on a bespoke basis to suit your specific needs. There are different factors which are taken into account, such as the cover required, your equipment value and more. We will work with you to build a plan that works for you, with the option to pay the annual premium over monthly instalments to help with cashflow.

What if I don’t have a business or limited company?

In addition to insuring companies, we can also insure individuals/sole traders for a similar range of risks, including equipment damage, Public Liability, and more.

Do I have to get in touch every time I buy a piece of kit?

As standard, we would insure your equipment on a ‘new for old’ basis, based on the total replacement value for all of your kit. For example, if we cover your equipment for up to £50,000 this would allow you to swap items in and out during the year without having to notify us.

Alternatively, we can insure your kit on an itemised list basis, however, you would just need to be sure to update us with the item/value/serial numbers every time a piece of equipment is purchased.

How can I insure equipment which I’ve rented/borrowed/loaned?

We can provide cover for hired equipment, which includes items from a hire house, as well as equipment you’ve borrowed from friends/colleagues etc. We would need to know the new replacement value for the item(s) being hired to ensure there is full cover in the event of damage or loss.

Our Hired-in Equipment insurance also automatically includes continuing hire charges with a limit of up to £100,000, and alternative hire charges, also with a £100,000 limit.

Am I covered for accidental damage to a location?

This would be included under Public Liability insurance and will protect you in the event that a rented location is damaged – for example, if a piece of kit is knocked over and breaks a window. Whereas some policies may restrict you to working at specified addresses, our policy will automatically cover you working from any location.

Do I need to buy Errors & Omissions cover?

The answer is… maybe! Most financiers, distributors, broadcasters and sales agents will insist you have this cover in place under the contracts they offer and many festivals request this too. These contracts will normally specify length of time the cover is required for, and specific limits of indemnity, as well as territorial and jurisdiction limits. For more information or advice, please contact one of the team.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We can accept payment by bank transfer and the major credit/debit card providers, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. There are also monthly instalment options available for annual policies.

How do I make a claim?

To log a claim with us, you can contact the team on 0208 256 4930 or submit an email to [email protected]. The first thing we will ask for is the date it happened and an overview of the circumstances.

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