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Business Travel Insurance provides cover for accidental injury, loss or damage to property arising during any journey undertaken on behalf of the business.

In addition to business trips, here at Performance we also include cover for leisure trips and can provide cover for specified persons only or for all UK Directors and Employees (including Freelancers) whichever is most suitable for you.

Our cover is automatically worldwide, excluding areas that the Foreign Commonwealth Office advise against travel to. Additionally, cover automatically includes unlimited Medical and Emergency travel expenses, as well as cover for your personal belongings and travel delay.

If you travel frequently for work, it can be a relief knowing that you don’t need to worry about medical expenses should you get ill or paying out for replacements if your personal belongings are lost. We would recommend this cover to anybody that travels for business by air, sea or rail, and it’s important to note that the cover also includes trips within the UK if the journey involves travel by air, sea or rail, or an overnight hotel stay.

All we’ll need in order to obtain a quote for you is the number of trips you are planning to do throughout the year. If you would be interested in a quotation, please just give us a call and we’ll be happy to look into that for you.

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Short Period insurance is available for you to get online, 24/7. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an Annual insurance solution do send us an enquiry and we’ll get back to you within one working day.

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