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From early ideas and planning through to shooting, production and the final screening, filmmaking involves multiple processes across multiple professions and, therefore, creates more room for something to go wrong. Film production encompasses screenwriting, casting, pre-production, shooting, sound recording, post-production, and more, all with steps in-between the processes.

At Performance Film & Media, we understand the complexities that surround film production and the nuances within. This enables us to construct bespoke Film Production insurance policies that cater to you and your needs. Film Production insurance protects your budget for the project from losses due to injury/illness/death of cast members or for delay or abandonment due to circumstances beyond your control (subject to the policy terms and conditions).

What is Film Production Insurance?

A Film Production insurance policy covers your production company for a range of different liabilities that could occur during the filmmaking process. This can include protecting your legal liability and covering any legal costs or compensation payouts. Some insurances are a legal requirement whereas some are voluntary.

The insurances in a typical policy can include but are not limited to:

Why choose Performance Film & Media for Film Production Insurance?

We’ve worked behind the scenes on projects for over 25 years, ensuring that productions are covered for anything from camera operators and lighting gear to the film set and location. Our understanding is based on our own personal experiences. We are aware of the vast spectrum of dangers that exist in this business, as well as the large diversity of people that work in it. That’s why, whether you’re a well-established production company, a freelancer, or a student just starting out, we take a personal approach to finding you the best cover.

We offer bespoke cover to most sectors within film and media for both annual and short period, not just TV Production insurance or Film Production insurance.

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Short Period

Not every production takes months to make – but even when projects are short-term, they still need protecting. That’s why we offer cover on terms of 90 days or less.

Whether you’re making a music video, commercial, feature film or kit test, we provide the behind-the-scenes support you’ll need if something goes wrong.

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Our short-term cover isn’t big on price. Choose from a range of policy options from just £38.
Forgotten to tell us something? No problem. You can amend your policy after purchase.
Only choose the cover you need with our short period policies of 90 days or less.

We’ve even invented cover where we found gaps in the market, such as our pioneering post-production indemnity cover. Because we believe every production has the right to be made.

So whether you work in pre- or post-production, provide equipment hire or work as a freelancer, we can help you choose the right insurance cover for your specific needs.

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We understand every project is different, so we take the time to get to know your needs and adapt our cover to best suit you.
With access to a wide range of specialist media insurance companies across the market, we can always offer the cover you need.
After more than 25 years spent protecting the film and media industry, our team has the expertise to find the right solution for you.

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How much is short term Film Production insurance?

A typical short period Film Production insurance policy ranges from £40 to £5,000 depending on the coverage and requirements within the policy.

How much does film equipment insurance cost?

It can sometimes be more financially viable to just insure your film equipment. However, the majority of our policies cover film equipment as well as other insurances. For more information on film equipment coverage click here.

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