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As an advertising agency you will spend your time applying a huge amount of care and thought into the campaigns that you build and/or work on for your clients.

These relationships with your clients are usually designed to be long term partnerships in which you work with your clients to help them build a brand to engage with their clients.

It’s these relationships that tend to be the hallmark of every Advertising Agencies success. And it’s for this reason that we will take real time to understand your business model to ensure we build an insurance programme that is flexible as your business grows and develops. Performance is not tied to just one insurer, so, we can offer you a range of covers from a variety of specialist media insurance companies.

Having provided insurance solutions to the Creative Industries for over 20 years, we are well positioned to work with your business to help you manage the risks you face. We work with our clients to find insurance programmes that supplement their business goals and objectives rather than the other way round

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