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Insuring your film or TV studio is not just about insuring the building. You may have equipment, sets and props on site, or they may just hire out a staging facility, green screens, or rehearsal space for others to use.

The type of studio you are, and how you operate, may also influence the studio insurance cover that you need.  Our job at Performance is to understand these nuances, ensuring that you have the studio cover you require, whilst not paying for “frills” that you don’t need. With our experience of insuring studios across a host of disciplines, we can put together a unique proposition that suits your particular business down to the ground.

Additionally, recording studios may hold tapes, hard drives and other media containing content on-site that, if damaged or stolen, would mean that more studio time is required to complete the soundtrack – at your cost. Our range of multimedia covers are designed to protect you by ensuring that you are back on track as quickly as possible.

We can advise on engineering inspection cover, pulley systems and hoists you may use to move items around, liability cover, and protection against your loss of income, should the worst happen at your studio.

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