22 January 2020

Performance events: what's coming up in 2020

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
We had a fantastic end to the last decade having had so many great moments with our existing clients and potential new ones.

Whether at events, film festivals or our own short film competition, the energy from the industry is continuing at a positive pace, which is great to see.

Whilst the awareness of diversity and inclusion issues are increasing, there is still much more work to be done towards equal representation. A report from the Work Foundation found that 3% of employees in production are from a minority ethnic background, just one in five key production personnel are women, and only 5% of screen workers consider themselves to be disabled. The BFI is currently in the middle of their 5-year strategy, BFI2022, where they have set themselves inclusion targets and developed diversity standards for all the activity they fund, and as a tool for the wider industry. Here at Performance, we support the practices that the BFI – as well as other industry organisations – are implementing to ensure that the next decade of film and television is more widely representative than ever before.

From a business perspective, we continued to grow last year and will be recruiting an additional three people to make sure we stick by the same values of delivering a first-class and efficient service whilst always keeping it personal with your own dedicated contacts.

We’ve had an influx of quote inquiries so far in January which has been fantastic so please do keep them coming. (And refer your friends and colleagues in the industry too).

Our year from an event perspective starts to heat up towards the end of this month with:


If you’re heading to either of these please do make sure to look out for the team in our branded jackets.


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