8 August 2018

Short Film Competition 2018

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
As experts in providing insurance to the creative sector for over 20 years, we understand the challenges you face. We know there is a struggle in putting together a production (from finance, to planning, to getting the right crew and suppliers!) which is why we want to try and support the industry where we can. That’s why we had immense pride in launching the Performance Short Film Competition in June 2018.

Working with a great bunch of partners, we have been able to put together prizes which have included kit hire, a title clearance from a media law firm and post production for 2 of the 3 prizes. Without the support of the following partners we wouldn’t have been able to put this all together so a big thank you to:

There’s more to come

There is nothing more rewarding than watching people develop and enjoy success as their career unfolds, whatever industry they may work in! We are hoping that this competition and the prizes will support a few filmmakers in putting together their next project – something which will be great to be a part of!

This is just the beginning of our support and as we look to build upon the short film competition, we are always open to suggestions as to how we can support Production in the UK.  So, if you have any ideas or if you’re reading this and run an organisation that supports emerging talent in the Production sector and want to understand how we may be able to work together with you to support the emerging talent you represent – please do feel free to get in touch at michael.wood@performance-insurance.tv

You can read about the impressive panel of judges for the competition by clicking here.