22 April 2018

9 easy steps to insuring your film

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
Looking to make a film? Got your finance, locations, cast and crew? Awesome!

But whether you’ve set up a company looking for the next box office smash, or you’re a filmmaker simply trying to get a ‘no-budget’ short over the line, you’ll need insurance.

Hard? Hardly… here’s 9 easy steps to getting insured :

  1. Make sure you know the sum your looking to insure and equipment hiring fees.
  2. Have your production budget (excluding discounts, favours, etc) to hand.
  3. Calculate the wage roll you are paying to cast and crew, or the number of people attending.
  4. Identify any dangerous sequences, stunts, etc., and have a risk assessment worked out for these.
  5. Identify areas of concern and mention these when asking for a quote.
  6. Have details of any previous claims to hand, including date, cost and circumstances. Always mention how you would prevent this from happening again.
  7. Have contracts in place with the hire company, location, cast and crew, etc… so that everyone is aware of who is responsible for what. It is easier to do this before something goes wrong, than deal with all the finger-pointing afterwards!
  8. Take legal or mentor advice on contracts.
  9. Now you’re ready to get a quote…and we’re online 24 hours a day to help get you insured.

But hang on, there are some other important things you also need to know about:

  • Duty of disclosure
  • What kit is insured
  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Producer’s and multimedia indemnity

Sound complicated? Don’t worry, we have a handy guide that will walk you through and our advisors are always on the line, to  take the pain away.