10 March 2015

Prepare for the unexpected

By Performance
Cameras and lenses


As part of our series of real life claims,  Performance demonstrates that the unexpected can happen  – even to the most security-conscious of our clients.  Whilst good physical security can protect your precious kit, it’s imperative that you also have the SAFETY NET (something this gang didn’t use!) of a comprehensive insurance policy.

To ensure anonymity some of the details of the following claim have been changed or omitted.

In the early hours of a winter morning, our client was the innocent victim of a well planned, well executed (and slightly dramatic), theft of their film and media equipment by a professional gang of thieves who clearly took influence from the movies!

Cutting a hole in the roof of our clients property, they abseiled 30ft down into the kit room avoiding triggering the alarms until they were ready to leave. The thieves worked quickly and efficiently taking exactly what they needed – making their way in and out of the building with a substantial amount of kit within 4 minutes.

As our client had taken all reasonable steps to protect their assets, Performance was able to settle the claim in their favour, allowing them to replace their cherished equipment and continue to trade as a business.

Remember, however secure you feel your equipment is, make sure you have the safety net of an insurance policy in place.