16 December 2017

Keeping your Kit safe over Christmas

By Performance
Cameras and camera equipment
As we prepare for Christmas, most homes will have a greater-than-usual amount of expensive “stuff” in them over the winter months, including gifts from family.

This tends to be an easier time for thieves to operate – it’s nice and dark, many homes are left unoccupied for extended periods and there are usually some nice pickings to be had.

Whilst physical security will hopefully prevent your home from being ransacked, there will obviously be those who are not so fortunate and will need to rely on their insurance to make things better and get back on their feet.

Here are a few things you could do to keep your kit extra safe during this busy festive period!

  1. Don’t over share – You’ll be surprised how much information can be gained and learn from your posts on social media.  Be careful not to give away too much information, like the date and length of your holiday, or any productions you may be working on.
  2. Never leave your kit in plain sight – If someone does get into your home, it is best if have your valuable possessions hidden. Though avoid hiding them in common places, such as under the bed or in a draw.
  3. And never leave it unattended – If you happen to pick up work for a short production over Christmas, do your best to never leave it unattended – it only takes seconds for a thief to get their hands on your prized kit.
  4. Get insurance – You probably saw this one coming! However, insurance can be very helpful, although it cannot replace the sentimental value of losing a piece of equipment, it can help you financially to replace the item.
  5. Check the fine print – Check the details of your home insurance. Some policies may not include contents or may include exclusions if you are away for longer than a specified period, others don’t.
  6.  Use Royal Mail Keepsafe – For a reasonable price, you can have your mail kept until you return from holiday. A visible pile of unopened mail is a clear sign that no one is at home!

Hopefully, these tips will reduce the likelihood of your kit being burgled, giving you one less thing to worry about.

For more advice, or to speak to someone about insuring your kit, get in touch with the Performance Film and Media team.