26 July 2015

Things to check before buying a short period insurance policy

By Performance
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Buying online can be the quickest way to get the cover you are after.  However, making sure you have all the relevant information before you purchase an insurance policy online will, without a doubt, make the process even easier.

We’ve put together a few checks for you, to assist with the purchase of your policy.

Blind Date 

Often, we see customers who only take insurance cover for the dates that they are actually filming, not allowing for pick up and drop back dates for any kit that they have on hire.  As you may be responsible for the kit from the time you take delivery until you hand it back to the hire company, make sure you factor these additional days in when buying cover.

The Price is right?!

When inputting the sum insured for hired in kit, this should be for the replacement value as new, and this figure should be given to you by the hire company.  It is important not to guess this yourself as, if there is not enough cover in place, you could find yourself footing the bill if something goes wrong!

The Million Pound Drop

Public Liability cover protects you from claims from Third Parties for damage to their property, or injury to them – in the worst of circumstances, these claims can run into millions.  Make sure you have the right public liability in place for your project, check out our blog for more information and speak to the local authority or filming permit issuer who will be able to assist with any queries you may have.

Big Brother

There should be one person, or company, who assumes overall responsibility for your project.  Their name should be on the permit (e.g. Wood Production Ltd), the hire agreement, and it is they with whom the buck stops.  They should also be the policyholder in these circumstances.  Although you may be applying for the insurance, if you are not the one who is assuming overall responsibility for the project, then the policy probably shouldn’t be in your own name.

Take me Out!

Are you travelling abroad – check where you are going is okay to travel to according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as, if you are travelling against FCO advice, your insurance cover will not operate.

Going for Gold

Now, get cracking with getting your short period policy period policy in place, and good luck with your project!!