9 June 2021

Annual vs Short Period Insurance - which should I buy?

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
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One of the most frequent enquiries we receive from our short period customers is – will it be cheaper to get annual cover?

Our short period policies are designed to get you on cover quickly, with documents being available to download online as soon as you pay. They are flexible and allow you to select the exact cover dates you need, as well as the cover options required.

Annual insurance is a commitment, however, it offers more flexibility (you don’t have to get in touch with us each and every time you have a new project!). If you have several projects over the course of the year, this can work out more cost-effective than buying cover on a per-project basis – and with our instalment options, your annual premium can be split across monthly payments.

There are differing advantages between the two options:

Short Period Insurance

  • Cover can be arranged online, 24/7
  • Your proof of insurance documents are made available immediately to download upon payment
  • Amendments to the cover can also be made online, for example, if you need to increase the value of equipment you’re hiring in

Annual Insurance

  • Low starting annual premiums
  • The cover is flexible and can be increased/decreased throughout the year, as required
  • The policy will cover all of your work throughout the 12-month period
  • Payment can be made across monthly instalments

If you are looking for short period cover, our online quote system can be found here.

Alternatively, if you would like a quotation for annual cover, then please contact Gareth Graham at gareth.graham@performance-insurance.tv.

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