20 December 2017

Creative Skillset aims to kick start Series Producer careers

By Performance
Creative Skillset is an organisation dedicated to supporting young people, businesses, creatives and established professionals on their career journeys by guiding them with great advice, opportunities and courses.

They have noticed that there has been a decrease in the amount of Series Producers across the UK and have created a Series Producer programme to reduce the skill gap.

Creative Skillset believes that finding the next generation of brilliant and diverse Series Producers will help the industry win new business and find the hit formats which will travel the world. This programme will develop creative showrunners who will become the cornerstone of the UK’s world-leading TV industry.

Considering a Series Producer career? The programme aims to develop your skills in:

  • Developing and producing hit innovative new cross-platform content
  • Storytelling
  • Building on people skills and increasing awareness of personal style and impact
  • Engaging with new audiences, new technologies and new platforms
  • Promoting diversity in programme making and building diverse teams and unconscious bias
  • Setting a vision and leading creative teams with confidence to deliver that vision
  • Maximising social media and digital to promote your brand
  • Crisis management
  • Budgeting and scheduling

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