3 July 2018

Performance Launch Short Film Competition

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
Camera filming a robot
The team at Performance, are very proud to announce the launch of our very own Short Film Competition the “Performance Short Film Competition” – I said the news was exciting….not necessarily the name, although it did take surprisingly longer to think of then it appears!

When we first came up with the idea of creating our own short film competition towards the end of 2017 I had no idea at that point the amount of work and considerations that would have to be made before we would reach our go-live date! It’s been seriously hard work, but luckily I have a great team working with me to allow me to put this together for YOU, the Filmmaker.

We have also have a number of generous companies who have agreed to support our competition and provide prizes including; Goldcrest Post Production, Pro Motion Hire, New Day Pictures, Reviewed and Cleared, Yellowmoon Post Production and Northern Ireland Camera Hire. A big thank you must go to these companies!

Over the years we have supported the Film Industry in a number of ways with a particular focus on emerging talent.

This support has played a part, however small, in developing a whole host of filmmakers. There is nothing more rewarding than watching people develop and enjoy success as their career unfolds, whatever industry they may work in! We are hoping that this competition and the prizes will support a few filmmakers in putting together their next project – something which will be great to be a part of!

We will also be holding a couple of awards nights towards the end of the year in which we will have people from various different areas of the industry at – keep your eyes peeled for information on this over the coming months! As we launch this competition we are already thinking about what else we can do to support Production in the UK so if you have any ideas or if you’re reading this and run an organisation that supports emerging talent in the Production sector and want to understand how we may be able to work together with you to support the emerging talent you represent – please do feel free to get in touch at michael.wood@performance-insurance.tv