6 May 2021

Our Short Film Competition - the journey so far

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
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When we launched the Performance Short Film Competition back in 2018 I commented the below in the announcement release at the time;

There is nothing more rewarding than watching people develop and enjoy success as their career unfolds, whatever industry they may work in! We are hoping that this competition and the prizes will support a few filmmakers in putting together their next project – something which will be great to be a part of!

The vision at the outset was clear and year on year we’ve been lucky enough to be able to grow the number of awards, and therefore filmmakers we’ve been able to support with their projects, each time. Something that gives my team and I an immense sense of pride.

The numbers are truly a great reflection of the number of filmmakers that we have across the UK who are creating films and have that desire and will to want to produce more.

Let’s take a look at the headlines so far from the 3 Performance Short Film Competitions;

  • 1,157 films submitted
  • 971 Filmmakers submitting those films
  • 13 winning Filmmakers
  • £15,000 cash from Performance to these winners towards their future project
  • 7 Equipment Hire prizes from our partners Pro Motion Hire, New Day Pictures and NI Camera Hire
  • 2 Post Production prizes from our partners Goldcrest Post
  • 4 prizes from Reviewed and Cleared, a specialist Media Law practice

Back in 2018 I couldn’t have hoped for a better response to the competition launch, and now we have the fantastic pressure of trying to raise our game again.

Onto planning the 2021 Performance Short Film Competition for a 1st June announcement…

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