28 September 2018

Performance & Genera Film Funding

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
Filmmakers at dusk
As we all know funding of films is a massive challenge, something which we have been looking to play our part in fixing by launching the Performance Short Film Competition earlier this year.

Part of my mission (when I am not providing insurance of course!) is to look to meet with individuals and businesses in the industry that share my passion of helping people getting projects made. This is how I first came across Christian Parton and Genera in early 2018.

Christian launched Genera in the first half of 2017 with the goal to help short films get financed in a straightforward way and has played a role in getting over two dozen short films made to date. Christian has recently announced a deal with Noel Clarke and Jason Maza of Unstoppable who are partnering with him to help push more short films being made in the coming years which is fantastic news for filmmakers particularly in the UK. The fund will provide direct and indirect assistance, including kit hire, and festival entry for new short films. Unstoppable will be involved in selecting and evaluating projects, and Genera and Unstoppable also plan to extend the fund to feature films and TV in the coming year.

Christian and I have been talking for a few months now about how Performance and Genera can partner to help Genera with their objectives and I am very happy to announce that Performance will be supporting Genera’s quarterly rounds and becoming the exclusive insurance partner for Genera in the UK.

Genera’s Founder & CEO, Christian Parton said:

“It’s great to work with Michael and Performance in providing insurance packages for our filmmakers. Insurance can be a scary, daunting thing for young filmmakers and having this partnership allows our filmmakers to work with a prestigious company about their insurance needs for their productions.”

We’ll be announcing more details on the partnership and the benefits for filmmakers in the coming month or two so keep your eyes peeled on our social media platforms for more information!

Performance & Genera


Michael (left) and Christian (right) recently at the Encounters Short Film Festival in Bristol.