25 October 2018

Performance Short Film Competition Belfast Shortlist

By Gareth Graham (old) Sales Team Leader
Close up of camera

Following on from our announcement of the London Shortlisted films for our Short Film Competition, we are now delighted to announce the Belfast Short Film Short Competition shortlisted films.

A huge congratulations to the following short films:


Title of Film – The Climb

Recently widowed Julia is compelled to climb a mountain for the first and only time.

Director – Lynne Davison

Producer – Julie Gardner


Title of Film – Sparrow

A charming film exploring the subtle dynamics of brother and sisterhood.

Director – Rebekah Davies

Producer – Julie Gardner


Title of Film – The Balance Within

Memories of her fill his thoughts and he knows things will never be the same again.

Director – Carl Quinn

Producer – Janine Cobain


Title of Film – INSIDE

A man suffering from Agoraphobia hides in his home. But there’s no escape from tragedy and his responsibility.

Director – Michael Costello

Producer – Michael Costello & Carleton Rodgers


Title of Film – THE JAR

Jake banks his boyish ambitions of being an astronaut inside a jar of coins. But there are those who step on his dreams.

Director – Carleton Rodgers

Producer – Michael Costello & Carleton Rodgers


Title of Film – Monkeys In the Garden

Ciara is finding it increasingly difficult to cope in her capacity as carer for her mother with dementia.

Director – Marie Clare Cushinan

Producer – Marie Clare Cushinan & Ryan O’Neill


Title of Film – Incoming Call

Nervous Kerry is shocked when her phone starts giving her warnings from the future.

Director – Eoin Cleland

Producer – PJ Hart


Title of Film – The Wedding Speech

As the best man, Ed, doesn’t realise that his speech will be the most important that he will ever make.

Director – Joe McStravick

Producer – Joe McStravick


Title of Film – Of My Kin

A group of people, who suffer from a range of mental illnesses, gather together, to work together so that they can heal together.

Director – Joe McStravick

Producer – Joe McStravick


Title of Film – Prick

A type 1 diabetic seeks to regain the confidence he’s lost in his body after his diagnosis.

Director – Adrian Rowe

Producer – Emma Louise Dodds


Title of Film – Safe

‘Safe’ is about a young adopted boy called Tom, who is settling into his new forever family.

Director – Julia Whitehouse

Producer – Julia Whitehouse


Title of Film – The Erlking

A couple’s burgeoning love for each other becomes twisted by a possessive, supernatural entity that lives in the woods.

Director – Madeline Graham & Christopher Whiteside

Producer – Madeline Graham & Christopher Whiteside


Title of Film – TROUBLES

A troubled traditional Irish musician reenters the fold after a long absence. A friend owes him an apology.

Director – Jonathan Harden

Producer – Jonathan Harden


Title of Film – Guard

An emotionally hardened young woman fights with difficult memories when her estranged father returns from time in prison.

Director – Jonathan Harden

Producer – Jonathan Harden


Title of Film – The 11th

Fisher returns home to his community on the prolific 11th to make amends with his daughter through the medium of Karaoke.

Director – Naomi Waring

Producer – Naomi Waring & Stuart Drennan


Title of Film – The Last Letter

Director – Terry Loane

Producer – Katy Jackson


Title of Film – One New Friend

Two lonely teens discover a burgeoning relationship online, with unexpected results…

Director – Aidan Largey

Producer – Elaine Ford


Title of Film – Wash Club

Wash Club is the true story of how an aspiring journalist accidentally created a death cult.

Director – Simon Dymond

Producer – Lauren Parker


Title of Film – Time And Again

A child genius enlists his best friend to build a time machine in a foolhardy attempt to escape his distant father and connect with the mother he never knew.

Director – Aidan Largey

Producer – Margaret McGoldrick


Title of Film – And They Say Romance Is Dead

Ciara is about to turn eighteen. When she does, she will know the first words her soulmate will ever say to her. But when her word is ‘Hey’, love matching has just become a lot more difficult.

Director – Eilisha McNally

Producer – Eilisha McNally


Title of Film – Peni’s from Heaven

Peni gives an insight into 21st Century dating as a newly single 40-something

Director – Janine Cobain

Producer – Janine Cobain


Title of Film – Invidia

A short psychodrama about a woman visiting her injured colleague’s apartment, and what she finds there.

Director – Alec Liddle

Producer – Alec Liddle