18 May 2020

Road to Recovery Toolkit

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
In these exceptional circumstances, most businesses will be facing difficulties.

With the widespread and global effects of Covid-19, even those businesses with strong Business Continuity Plans would not have been able to foresee and plan for such extensive operational impacts. The pandemic has affected organisations in ways that could not have been anticipated and, even now, as we’re experiencing a relaxation of lockdown, there is still much uncertainty ahead. What you do now will be critically important to the recovery and success of your business.

Our parent company Aston Lark is providing businesses with a range of information, support and tools to help you get through these tough times and make a full operational recovery. In our ‘Road to Recovery’ toolkit you will find:

  • Templates and advice on how to best communicate with your staff, customers and suppliers
  • Return to work checklists that enable you to methodically tick off all of the things you’ll need to consider before switching the lights back on
  • Risk Assessment templates for you to use to keep up with UK Government guidelines
  • FREE access to our Health & Safety and HR portal that provides you with:
    • Advice, information and templates to use
    • Access to a range of e-learning modules that you can use to train staff
    • Access to “Ask the Expert”, which enables you to quickly receive answers to any H&S and HR questions

Click here to access the toolkit.