17 October 2018

Short Film competition 2018 - Shortlist Announced

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
We are now delighted to announce the shortlisted films for our inaugural Performance Short Film Competition.

With the awards night three weeks away the shortlisted filmmakers will find out on the 7th November who the two winners are. We will be posting more about the competition and the shortlisted filmmakers over the next few weeks so keep an eye on our social media platforms. (links below).

A big congratulations to the following films.


Title of Film – Blackout

Set over one night and one day, Blackout is a 10-minute coming of age drama. A story of love, trust and growing up the hard way

Director – Serena Chloe Gardner

Producer – Nasreen Cullen


Title of Film – Born Evil

Two clandestine angels risk their existence to transfer lives from bad people to good

Director – Danny Chan

Producer – Naomi Soneye-Thomas


Title of Film – The Many Faces of Beth Jones

Beth’s agent has been hard at work finding her new roles to make her a star but they’re not exactly what she had in mind…

Director – Harvey Puttock

Producer – Joseph Supple-Turnham


Title of Film – The Driving Seat

Middle aged couple  try to make love in their car to put a spark in their marriage – but it has the opposite effect…

Director – Phil Lowe

Producer – Alexei Slater


Title of Film – Still Standing

Sam’s world is turned upside down after a failed attempt at crowd work at an open mic night

Director & Producer – Laura McMahon


Title of Film – Spinosaurus

A young girl cares for her brother at home while she waits for her mother to return

Director & Producer – Tessa Hoffe


Title of Film – Jas

Jas is the story of a British-Iranian teen, trapped in a dilapidated English seaside town and trying to escape her fate

Director & Producer – Alice Trueman


Title of Film – Breathe

Following a tragic accident, Isobel is left traumatised. Hours later in the dark hours of the morning she finds herself back at

Director – Louise Marie Cooke

Producer – Andrew Oldbury


Title of Film – When Voices Unite

When Voices Unite is a tense study on internet activism and social media, as we watch a social activist begin a live video feed

Director – Lewis Coates

Producer – Julie Colman, Grant Black


Title of Film – The Bear Necessity

Feel-good documentary about a young boy with a stoma – a surgically created opening from the bowel through the abdomen

Director & Producer – Eilidh Gow


Title of Film – Daisy Dickinson

Transcending the sound and visual of the drum, using nature’s most destructive forces fire & water as catalysts for destruction

Director & Producer – Daisy Dickinson


Title of Film – Tom

Sophie and Henry are trying to locate their grown up son Tom, having lost contact with him for the umpteenth time

Director – Duncan Christie

Producer – Garry Paton


Title of Film – Lady

Lady lives in South East London and isn’t afraid to do her own thing. A fan of the ‘ladette culture’ from the 90’s

Director – Will Nash

Producer – Will Nash / Dan Hammersley


Title of Film – The Ballad of a Haunted Man

A lonely Mortician’s search for company takes a dark turn

Director – Emma Pitt

Producer – Emma Pitt and Dan Shoring


Title of Film – Songbird

Shy young singer Jennifer (X Factor star Janet Devlin) has to go on a journey to retrieve her stolen voice from a jealous witch

Director – Sophie Black

Producer – Laura C. Cann


Title of Film – Sink or Swim

A solitary dancer’s balletic struggle with depression.

Director – Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens

Producer – Charlotte Edmonds


Title of Film – After Dark Inferno

A dreamscape story of a discovering faith, guidance and strength beneath the waters.

Director – Alex Browning

Producer – Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor


Title of Film – Mark

A young man fears he might have done something terrible on a night out

Director & Producer – Dee Meaden


Title of Film – Run Run as Fast as You Can

A group of children are pursued through the woods by a relentless mob. Their determination to get away is matched by their assailants’ determination to stop them.

Director & Producer – Katie Smith


Title of Film – Once An Old Lady Sat On My Chest

A young British Nigerian woman struggles to find a decent job. As her situation gets worse, she decides to take the drastic step of changing her ethnic name to an English one, hoping this will improve her chances.

Director – Candice Onyeama

Producer – Candice Onyeama and Nicola Gregory


Title of Film – I was 3

Inspired by true events. One morning Laura finds herself in a newspaper article, it soon becomes apparent that her childhood has been a lie.

Director – Alfie Barker

Producer – Alfie Barker & Ciara Ledward