11 October 2019

Short Film Competition 2019 - Shortlist Announced

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
We just want to start off by saying a massive thank you to everyone who submitted a short film into our competition this year. We received in excess of 240 submissions, with a huge range of styles and genres!

The team at Performance has hugely enjoyed watching all the entries and we were blown away by the originality and quality of the submissions. For us, there is nothing more rewarding than watching people develop and enjoy success as their career unfolds. We are hoping that this competition and the prizes will support a few filmmakers in putting together their next project – something which will be great to be a part of!

The shortlisted films this year are:

A Dunder Plunder (Grace Alwyn Ashworth & Alan Livesey)

Early Days (Nessa Wrafter & Clancie Brennan)

WHITE (David Moya & Tom Falck)

No Exposure (Marcus Thomas & Thomas McDonald)

The First Saturday of May (Ethan McDowell & Lucy Carruthers)

Doppelparents (Aimie Willemse & Lisa Herbers)

RASCAL (Cillean Campbell)

Huntington Gardens (Simon Wade, Paul Wade & Elliot Barker)

Mr. Spice (David Moody & Ryan Early)

Something In The Closet (Nosa Eke, Andrew Oldbury & Holly Carrington)

Upside (Jim McMorrow & Leo McGuigan)

Stationary (Louis Chan & Jonathan Caicedo Galindo)

Visions of Success (Callum Harrison & James Nugent)

Childhood (Peter K Young & Caleb Roberts)

Blacks or Whites (Anita Pico)

Lily Meets Charlie (Audrey Gagneux & Katie Organ)

Beneath The Sea (Pamela Breda)

EJECT (David Yorke)

Queen of Diamonds (Naeem Mahmood & Vincent Kamp)

GAME OVER (Adam Jenkins & David Kline)

Be Uncertain (Jack Carrivick & Simon Scott)

The Thought of You (Ahmed Roy)

Sequins (Michael Beddoes & Amy Clarke)

ORIGAMI (Jemma Gross & Elettra Pizzi)

Love. Hate. Date. (Philip Clyde-Smith & Gannesh Rajah)

Baby Steps (Martha Reed & Isabelle Schuler)

Pink Pool (Milda Baginskaite & Pilar Cartro Benavides)

Supper for Civilised Girls (Ella Robertson)

Beautified (Emily Haigh)

toni_with_an_i (Marco Alessi & Ksenia Harwood)

The makers of all shortlisted films will be invited to our exclusive finale event in London, held once again at the Aviva Digital Garage in Hoxton, London, the full details of which will follow within the next few weeks.

The winning films will be screened to a range of our industry partners and fellow filmmakers and will receive their prize packages from the generous companies who have agreed to support our competition, including: Reviewed & Cleared, New Day Pictures and Promotion. A big thank you must go to these companies.