9 May 2022

Q&A with Gold Dust Films

By Performance

You have been on an incredible journey at Gold Dust Films, tell us how it all started?

Gold Dust Films was set up by Liz Clare and I during the pandemic. We were both working very late on a fast turn around show and decided we should put our skills, contacts and ideas together and see if we could make our own production company work.  Over the last 18 months we have produced a live stream with Russell Brand,a KSI show from Wembley, the Fashion Awards 2021, with a TikTok live stream from the Red Carpet and most recently the London production of the Critics Choice Awards. We are currently co-producing a Little Mix live stream with Driift.

We work a lot with Film Schools, Universities and Students and they say it is very difficult to get into the Industry,

How did you get into the Creative Industry and where did you start?

Our industry is still very much based on who you know. However, social media helps newcomers to be part of the community. There are industry groups on social media, job seeking groups, network events and funded apprenticeship schemes available now to get started.

Gold Dust has made a commitment to encourage and support the next generation to move forward in the industry. Both Liz and I are mentoring crew members at the moment.  We also welcome work experience and happy to speak to anyone struggling in the industry who needs some guidance or just a chat!

What does the future hold for you at Gold Dust?

This year we will continue to sprinkle some Gold Dust!  We specialise in capturing live events and performance in music, fashion, comedy and the arts and want to collaborate with more artists and brands in this genre. We are also looking to expand into entertainment and factual entertainment formats and are currently in funded development.

If you were to give someone setting up a business within the Creative Industry one piece of advice, what would that be?

For anyone thinking of setting up a business in the creative industry, I would say go for it! Without sounding like a cliché, in order to succeed you must at first try.  So give it a try… you never know what might happen.

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