16 November 2022

Short Film Competition 2022 – Winners Announced

By Performance

The Performance Short Film Competition 2022 has come to a close and it was most certainly a triumph! We have received an immense amount of support and want to take this time to thank each and every one of you who participated in the competition.

This is the fifth year the competition has run and it’s only getting stronger! This was the first face-to-face awards ceremony we’ve held since our last one in 2019. The energy in the room was palpable as it was the first time in years we were able to come together to celebrate. We even had the ever-talented Hope Ellen join us in presenting the awards.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, here are the winning films:

Best ‘Comedy’ Short

WINNER ‘non–negotiable’

Directed by Mike Doxford & produced by Jill Winternitz and Kirsty Malcolm

Short Film Competition 2022 – Best Comedy Short ‘Non-Negotiable’ – YouTube

Best ‘Documentary’ Short


Directed by Ryan Still & produced by Ben Krevalin

Short Film Competition 2022 – Best Documentary Short ‘Clandestino’ – YouTube

Best ‘Drama’ Short


Directed by Ben Lankester & produced by Kate Miller and Lauren Tyson

Short Film Competition 2022 – Best Drama Short ‘Who’s Counting?’ – YouTube

Best ‘Horror’ Short


Directed by David Yorke & produced by Nicci Brighten

Short Film Competition 2022 – Best Horror Short ‘ERIC’ – YouTube

Best ‘Short’ Short


Directed by Will Kenning & produced by Adam Smith

Short Film Competition 2022 – Best ‘Short’ Short ‘Meat Market’ – YouTube

We, once again, would like to thank everyone who entered and also supported us across social media and those who attended the awards ceremony. It is because of you all that the Short Film Competition has come as far as it has.

What’s next?

We’re planning to release a few exclusive Short Film Competition Awards Ceremony content so follow all our social medias to stay updated!