26 September 2023

Short Film Competition 2023 – Shortlist Announced

By Performance

Thank you to everyone that entered a film into the 2023 Performance Short Film Competition. The response has been incredible!

The level of quality within the films we received was high across all of the categories leading to some heated debates as the shortlist was reached! For the Drama category we made the decision to increase the number of shortlisted entries because the judging team couldn’t narrow it down to six!

A continued theme year on year that strikes through once the competition is closed to entries, is how blessed we are in the UK with such a range of creative talent, who we’re sure will lead us to continue to be a key force in the creative industries across the world.

Best Documentary

Shaking Hands With The Devil
Directed by: Olz McCoy
Produced by: Natasha Fothergill-Misbah

Directed by: Daniel Mounsey
Produced by: Daniel Mounsey

Manchester to Mumbai – A UK Grime Story
Directed by: Marcin Olczak & Nikhil Nagarkar
Produced by: Kas Latif

Where I Can See Them
Directed by: Lanre Malaolu
Produced by: Alistair Payne-James

Karibu Nyumbani
Directed by: Matthew Williams-Ellis
Produced by: Matthew Williams-Ellis

View clips of the shortlisted entries for the Best Documentary Short category below

Best Horror

Pub House
Directed by: Peter Young
Produced by: Callum Harrison

Directed by: Cemal Gokce
Produced by: Cemal Gokce

Directed by: Francesco Gabriele
Produced by: Francesco Gabriele

Directed by: Will Dennies
Produced by: Lloyd W Rubio

I Transform for You
Directed by: Josh Spindler

Produced by: Josh Spindler

Directed by: Can Aksoy
Produced by: Can Aksoy

View clips of the shortlisted entries for the Best Horror category below

Best ‘Short’ Short

The Cutbacks
Directed by: Robert Sladden
Produced by: Hatty Haines

Dead Cat Film

Directed by: Josie Charles & Nathan Miller
Produced by: Rami Sarras Pantoja

The Pickup
Directed by: Danny Gray
Produced by: Cel Fitzpatrick-Bothwell & Danny Gray

The Harrowing
Directed by: Brendan O’Neill
Produced by: Brendan O’Neill

Rambert Dance in Peaky Blinders – The Redemption of Thomas Shelby
Directed by: Sebastian Whyte
Produced by: Alexandra Desvignes, Kate Eastham, Marlea Edwards & Sebastian Whyte


Directed by: Eleanor Capaldi
Produced by: Eleanor Capaldi

View clips of the shortlisted entries for the Best ‘Short’ short category below

Best Comedy

The Snip
Directed by: Ben S. Hyland
Produced by: Adam Gregory Smith

Whiff Whaff
Directed by: Mark Kamara
Produced by: Curtis Lewis

Are We Doing This?
Directed by: Harvey Puttock
Produced by: Dusan Mrden

Pram Snatcher
Directed by: Theo Krekis
Produced by: Sorcha Bacon

Losing It
Directed by: Elise Martin
Produced by: Sophie Thomas & Elise Martin

Short Stay, Long Stay

Directed by: Danny Carter
Produced by: Danny Carter

View clips of the shortlisted entries for the Best Comedy category below

Best Drama

Saving Art
Directed by: Remi R.M. Moses
Produced by: Victor Nauwynck, Jing Zhao & Dami Adeyeye

Boys Don’t Cry
Directed by: Lorenzo Sorbini
Produced by: Stephen Pook

The Call
Directed by: Riffy Ahmed
Produced by: Susan Simnett & Danielle Goff

Directed by: Ntando Brown
Produced by: Ashleigh Ashley

The Talent
Directed by: Thomas May Bailey
Produced by: Ellen Spence & Emma D’Arcy

A Positive Contribution
Directed by: Nuri Moseinco
Produced by: Nuri Moseinco & Heather McQuaid

Directed by: Alice Johannessen

Produced by: Molly Young

Kite Strings
Directed by: Kirsty Patrick Ward
Produced by: Dalton Deverell

Wider Than The Sky
Directed by: Philip Taylor

Produced by: Janie Price & Jim Mooney

View clips of the shortlisted entries for the Best Drama category below