8 May 2024

Triple Exposure - One Year On…

By Performance

It’s been a year since we launched Triple Exposure with Alliotts and Reviewed and Cleared and we just wanted to recap with you all what Triple Exposure is and share some case studies.

Triple Exposure is a one-stop shop to make your life as a creator, easier. We look after the financials, the insurance and the legal stuff to keep you free doing what you do best – creating!

To find out more about Triple Exposure click here.

Triple Exposure have had a busy year attending events together and building the brand of a product they all so strongly believe in; all 3 players have a passion for the film industry.

Below is a testimonial from a client who loves the product just as much as us…

‘As independent film producer there are enough plates to juggle already, so anything that can be grouped and work smoothly is a god send. Triple Exposure does exactly that. By grouping legal, insurance and accounting into one tidy package they have taken three of the potentially most complicated and disparate items of film production and turned them into something smooth and joined up. Oh and you get a discount too. What’s not to like?’

Jamie Mollart, Blackout Films