The Still Image Competition 2021

Shortlist Gallery

This competition is now closed.

The winner will be announced soon.

Thank you to everyone who entered and voted for their favourite still.

1. Ariel Artur

Ariel Artur 3


2. Chris Mugford

Chris Mugford


3. Daniel Annoh

Two men sitting on a sofa


4. David Yorke

Filming in a field


5. Joanns Buncelmans

Man looking into camera


6. Karen Simon

Man's head with overlay of woman


7. Katie Organ

Person filming kissing couple


8. Matteo Valentini

Film shoot at night


9. Nathaniel Rosa

Man on bicycle outdoors


10. Oliver McGuirk

Car in tunnel on film set


11. Roy Khalil

Woman filming


12. Suman Hanif

Woman on set with a camera