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Image provided by Matteo Valentini from his short film, The Social Doctor.
Matteo is a Performance Film and Media Client.

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Protecting every frame of your feature

Creating feature film and TV productions can be a huge undertaking, involving large casts and crews, far-flung filming locations, equipment hire, and so much more. At Performance, we understand how quickly something can go wrong – and how expensive that can be.

That’s why we have a dedicated team of professionals ready to respond quickly when you need support. And by working with experienced market-leading insurers who specialise in covering feature film and TV production insurance, we can ensure we can meet your deadlines and provide cover for a wide range of risks, including:

  • Cast
  • Negative, film, tape and digital media
  • Miscellaneous equipment and props, sets and wardrobe
  • Extra expense
  • Employers, public and general liability
  • Third-party property damage
  • Production office contents
  • Money
  • Commercial vehicle physical damage

Plus, we can also widen our cover to insure additional risks such as:

  • Errors and omissions
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Terrorism
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Adverse weather
  • Death and disgrace
  • Non-appearance, cancellation and abandonment
  • Cyber risks insurance

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