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We know it can be tough out there for Freelancers, as each day can bring a different challenge.

That’s why at Performance, we work with you to build an insurance policy that not only meets your immediate needs but is flexible enough to be adapted as and when your circumstances change.

Just after hired in camera insurance and public liability insurance? No problem! Need something a little more complex down the road? We can help!

We don’t just stop at providing insurance; we also work hand-in-hand with the industry to help provide education and advice. We provide the agencies we work alongside with talks, training sessions and bespoke articles to help educate their members. Performance is keen to ensure everyone in our industry has the knowledge they need to succeed at what they do – it’s our way of giving back to the industry we love.

Through our work with associations such as The Guild of Television Camera Professionals, we understand the freelance marketplace. By meeting individuals just like you, and listening to the problems you face, we are able to look for solutions to make your life easier. That is why we ensure our policies reflect this forward-thinking approach.

Performance can be your dedicated advice and support team, and give your business the edge.

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