21 December 2016

Prepare your Film and Media business for the Festive period

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
Director and Producer filming
If we have another winter like last year (and it’s on the cards, by all accounts) then ensuring that your job is properly risk assessed is of paramount importance to protect not only yourself, but those who may be impacted by your actions.

Slips and trips (and slides) can occur at the best of times, but during the snowy season, particular attention should be paid to walkways, gangways, and dangerous obstacles that may be hidden by snow in order to highlight any potential hazards and the likelihood of injury to yourself and others.  Consideration up front can mitigate many of these perils and you have a duty to yourself and others to spend time contemplating these risks.

Over the Christmas period, a number of businesses bring in additional staff to help them hit deadlines. If you are one of those businesses, then do revisit your Employers Liability cover, make sure that it is in place for volunteers, contract or temporary workers. All could be viewed as Employees and therefore have a right to expect a Duty of Care from you as their Employer. This is one of only two mandatory insurances (the other is motor) where failure to hold cover can result in punishment by the courts.  Important stuff.

We provide insurance solution for the following companies:

All in all, these are just a few examples of types insurance that you could have in place to protect your business over the busy festive period. To discuss your specific needs please feel free to get in touch with me on michael.wood@performance-insurance.tv or 0208 256 4931.

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