20 July 2021

Household Insurance through the Aston Lark Group

By Toni Hughes
house at night

Once you have home insurance, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether it is suitable. Many home insurance providers claim to offer cheap home insurance, highlighting price before everything else.

However, do you know the level of cover you are really purchasing and how confident are you that your home and contents are insured properly?

A sentence here or there can make all the difference and by checking the small print you might find that you aren’t covered for things you previously thought you were. To help guide you, here are the facts when it comes to some common misconceptions about home insurance.

Home Insurance – Myth busting

As a Performance Film and Media client you have access to our Aston Lark private client team who take away the complexity, so that everything’s made simple. With their expert knowledge, they’ll be able to work with underwriters to shape your cover, and make sure it meets your home and contents requirements. Plus, you get to speak to a human being, who can listen to your needs and try to fit the box around you.

To speak to Aston Lark about your home insurance call Toni Hughes on 0203 846 5283 or email toni.hughes@astonlark.com

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