20 July 2021

The Performance Short Film Competition is BACK!

By Michael Wood Head of Performance
Man filming actor on smoky set

Just in case you missed our flurry of social media announcements, the last Behind the Scenes issue or our email notification, we’re delighted to have launched our 4th annual Short Film Competition!

So far, we’ve received just over 75 submissions which is a great response in the first couple of weeks since launch. As you may have seen last year, in what can only be described as a lockdown moment, we love an idea about a new potential category (if you aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about, the video I now cringe about is here!). This year, we’ll be adding another category (with another £750 prize) on 1st August if we receive more than 150 submissions by midnight on 30th July!

Last year we received over 600 submissions in two and a half months, in what was a truly humbling response to the competition, so 150 submissions in month one should be a target we can definitely smash!

What are we kindly asking from you?

Well, a couple of things please….

  1. I know how great you all are at sharing competitions, connections and news, so we’d like to kindly ask if you could share this competition with your friends and connections to help us hit this achievable target. If you share the link, this will provide them with all the information they need!
  2. I have an idea for a new category which I think will go down well, but I’d love to hear any of your suggestions directly. Last year the category we added was as a result of Twitter feedback, so we really do listen. Please send this directly to me at michael.wood@performance-insurance.tv.

Not familiar with the details of this year’s competition?

Not to worry, all of the details can be found here!

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