9 June 2021

Our Partner News - Greenlit

By Peter Storey
Camera lens

Greenlit is a crowdfunding platform, launched in 2019, with the aim of changing the way creative projects are funded. Crowdfunding, where projects are funded with the participation of potentially hundreds of backers, has been around for a while, but Greenlit believe that it’s never reached its full potential.

Greenlit CEO Peter Storey says, “Crowdfunding has a bit of a low-prestige reputation for being what you do when you can’t raise the money anywhere else. With Greenlit, we’re trying to turn that on its head – it’s about finding your audience and getting them excited about what you’re doing. The marketing impact can almost be as valuable as the money raised.”

Initially the platform focused on film, but their success so far has allowed them to expand to other creative genres – stage, music and video games. One of the key advantages of Greenlit is that they only deal with creative projects, and all the team have backgrounds in film, music and theatre, so they’re well-placed to understand what artists are dealing with. They also offer specific, tailored support and training to help with planning and executing a crowdfunding campaign.

Peter says, “This is a really exciting time to be working in the sector as filmmaking and live events bounce back after the pandemic. Audiences are really looking to participate in things, and we’ve had a great response from creatives – instead of waiting for someone else to give you permission, with our support, you can go out there and get things moving.”

Greenlit can be found at https://greenlit.com, or contacted directly via info@greenlit.com.

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