10 September 2021

Drone Insurance

By Michael Wood Head of Performance

Welcome to edition 4 of Behind the Scenes!

In this latest addition I wanted to highlight the growing use of drones within production and make sure you understand the new to make sure the drone pilot you employ has the right insurance in place. In order to operate a drone, the operator must have in place specific insurance that meets with the Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements in respect of Public Liability insurance.

When employing a drone pilot, you should always check that they have the appropriate insurances in place before you begin the production and ideally ask for a copy of this for your records.

For some filming, the operator may also require specific qualifications, which you should check the pilot has.

We insure a number of qualified drone pilots operating across production, so if you have any questions on what insurances they have or what questions you should be asking, feel free to reach out to us.

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