10 September 2021

Partner News - Genera Films

By Christian Parton

Genera Films was launched in 2017, initially offering filmmakers looking to fund their short films with an alternative to the traditional and complex funding schemes available. In that time, the company has funded over 40 short films and provided support totalling over £250,000, becoming the largest independent short film funding company in the world.

Genera Films CEO Christian Parton says, “The options for filmmakers to fund their short films are hugely limited, so we wanted to offer filmmakers another avenue to bring their projects to life, one that bypassed public funding schemes that many find to be impossible to access. Most importantly, we wanted to support filmmakers in creating their own vision without any input from us on what that vision should be. Our approach is entirely hands-off.”

Now in 2021, Genera Films is expanding their offering beyond film funding, to include short film showcasing and industry networking via a bespoke new platform created for Genera Films. The aim of the platform, and the memberships it offers, is to showcase the wonderful work being created, and in turn create a community of filmmakers who connect through Genera Films. On top of that, Genera Films will connect members to the industry professionals looking for new talent across the production spectrum, ensuring their work is seen by the right people.

Christian says, “What’s most exciting for us is that membership is open to all filmmakers, not just those who have come through the Genera Films funding scheme. We all make short films to show the industry what we can do, and Genera Films aims to be the place filmmakers bring their films to do just that.”

Click here to find out more about the Genera membership.

Performance has put together an insurance offering which Genera Filmmakers can benefit from too, to find out more click here.

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