17 December 2021

Q&A with Union Visual Effects

By Performance

Q: What was one of the main reasons you chose to work with Union Visual Effects?

A: Union were one of my clients in my previous job, so I knew them well.  I knew their reputation for delivering great visual effects while remaining a nice place to work. They also work with interesting directors on the kind of film and television that I want to watch myself.

Q: As a business, you have developed and changed over the years, what do you think was the most important change made to the business?

A: There is constant change. From the way people consume and finance content to the technology we work with, and let’s not forget Brexit. There is a continual evolution. We are always changing, learning and adapting – if we weren’t, we wouldn’t survive. 

Q: What direction do you see the business going in over the next few months/years as you continue to develop?  

A: The industry is booming.  Remote working practices forced upon us by the pandemic are potentially transformative in terms of being able to scale to meet demand.  There has never been more consumer demand for high-quality film and television, and we hope to grow with that demand.

Q: What is the most important lesson you have learned along the way as a business?

A: To remain human and be flexible. The only certainty is that things will change, so you need to remain open-minded, and can’t get frustrated every time it does.

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